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Popular Interest
Age of steam locomotion: Réalités, September 1972, no. 262 [three articles: 1) birth of steam, 2) death of steam, 3) nostalgia for steam]
American locomotives; a pictorial record of steam power, 1900-1950, by Edwin P. Alexander: NY, Bonanza Books (1950) 256p
American railway; its construction, development, management, and applicances, by Thomas Curtis Clarke, NY, Bramhall House (nd) 456p
Asher & Adams’ pictorial album of American industry 1876: NY, Rutledge Books (1976) 192p
B & O: Baltimore, MD, Baltimore and Ohio Transportation Museum (nd) 32p
Brief history of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers: Cleveland, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (1977) 48p
C & O power; steam and diesel locomotives of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway 1900-1965, by Philip Shuster, Eugene L. Huddleston, and Alvin Staufer: np, Alvin Staufer (1965) 351p
Cassell’s railways of the world, v.1, by Fred A. Talbot: NY, Simmons-Boardman Pub Co, (nd) 360p
Cinders & smoke; a mile by mile guide for the Durango to Silverton narrow gauge trip, by Doris B. Osterwald, 2nd ed.: Lakewood, CO, Western Guideways (1968) 102p
Commmuter railroads; a pictorial review of the most travelled railroads, by Patrick C. Dorin; NY, Bonanza Books (1957) 192p
Country railroad station in America, by H. Roger Grant and Charles W. Bohi: Sioux Falls, SD, Center for Western Studies, Augustana College (1988) 192p
Cram’s standard American railway system atlas of the world; Chicago, George F. Cram (1897) 562p
“Dedicate new Cleveland station today”, by Walter S. Sacher. Reprinted from Railway Age Magazine, June 28, 1930 p.1553-1580 (1987) 28p [Description of Cleveland’s Terminal Tower]
Down at the depot; American railroad stations from 1831 to 1920, by Edwin P. Alexander: NY, Bramhall House (1970) 320p
Early American locomotives, by John H. White, Jr.: NY, Dover Publications (1972) 147 engravings
Early machine tools, by K.R. Gilbert: London, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (1975) 18p
Famous steam locomotives, by Richard J. Cook: Cleveland, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (1974) 96p
Farewell to steam, by David Plowden: NY, Bonanza Books (1966) 154p
Fireless locomotive: Dayton, OH, Dayton Park (nd) 12p
Geared class C Shay, by Richard W. Appel (Modelers handbook series): Reseda, CA, Single Shot Gallery (1984) 112p
Great book of trains; featuring 300 locomotives shown in over 160 full-color illustrations and more than 500 photographs, by Brian Hollingsworth and Arthur F. Cook: NY, Portland House (1987) 405p
Great trains, by Bryan Morgan: NY, Crown Publishers (1973) 239p
Hear the train blow; a pictorial epic of America in the railroad age, by Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg: NY, Grosset & Dunlap (1952) 415p
Highball; a pageant of trains, by Lucius Beebe: NY Bonanza Books (1945) 223p
Highliners; a railroad album, by Lucius Beebe: NY, Bonanza Books (1940) 103 plates
History of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, by Pamela Berkman: Greenwich, CT, Brompton Books (1988) 127p

History of the Union Pacific; America’s great trasncontinental railroad, by Marie Cahill and Lynne Piade: NY, Crescent Books (1989) 127p
Illustrated encyclopedia of the world’s steam passenger locomotives; a technical directory of major international express train engines from the 1820s to the present day, by Brian Hollingsworth: NY, Crescent Books (1982) 208p
Illustrated book of steam and rail; the history and development of the train and an evocative guide to the worlds’s great railway journeys: NY, Barnes & Noble (2003) 512p
Iron horse, by Henry B. Comstock: NY, Galahad Books (1971) 228p
James Watt and the history of steam power, by Ivor B. Hart: NY, Collier Books (1961) 159p
Lake Superior iron ore railroads, by Patrick C. Dorin: NY, Bonanza Books (1969) 144p.
Last spike; the great railway 1881-1885, by Pierre Berton: Toronto, McClelland and Stewart (1971) 478p
Lima Shays on the Greenbrier, Cheat and Elk Railroad Company: Parsons, WV, McClain Printing Co. (1969) 30p
Lines west; a pictorial history of the Great Northern Railway operations and motive power from 1887 to 1967, by Charles R. Wood: NY, Bonanza Books (1967) 192p
Lionel trains; standard of the world, 1900-1943, 2nd ed.: np, Train Collectors Association (1989) 256p + color chart
Locomotive advertising in America, 1850-1900: Scotia, NY, Americana Review (1960) 30p
Lore of the train, by C. Hamilton Ellis: NY, Crescent Books (1971) 240p
Luxury trains from the Orient Express to the TGV, by George Behrend: NY, Vendome Press (1982) 232p
Man from Steamtown; the story of F. Nelson Blount, by James R. Adair: Chicago, Moody Press (1967) 224p
Model railway engines, by J.E. Minns: NY, G.P. Putnam’s Sons  (1969) 120p
Modern wonder book of trains and railroadring, The, by Norman Carlisle: Philadelphia, John C. Winston Co. (1946) 289p
N.O.T.&L. [Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co.] story, by James M. Blower and Robert S. Korach: Chicago, Central Electric Railfans’ Association (1966) 269p
New Mexico’s railroads; a historical survey, rev. ed., by David F. Myrick: Albuquerque, NM, University of New Mexico Press (1970) 276p
New York Central’s early power, v.2 1831-1916, by Alvin F. Staufer: Carrollton, OH, Alvin F. Staufer (1967) 352p
Nickel Plate Road; the history of a great railroad, by Taylor Hampton: Cleveland, World Publishing Co. (1947) 366p
Northern Ohio’s interurbans and rapid transit railways, by Harry Christiansen: Cleveland, Transit Data (1965) 176p
On the main line; the Pennsylvania Railroad in the 19th century, by Edwin P. Alexander: NY, Bramhall House (1971) 310p
Pennsylvania Railroad; a pictorial history, by Edwin P. Alexander: NY, Bonanza Books (1967) 248p
Pennsylvania Railroad passenger and freight diagrams: NY, Wayner Publications (1981) 103p
Pictorial encyclopedia of railways, by Hamilton Ellis: Felthaml, Middlesex, Hamlyn Publishing Group (1968) 591p
Pictorial history of electric locomotives, by F.J.G Haut: NY, A.S. Barnes (1970) 147p
Pioneer railroad; the story of the Chicago and North Western System, by Robert J. Casey and W.A.S. Douglas: NY, McGraw-Hill (1948) 334p
Pioneer railroads, by Hank Wieand Bowman: Greenwich, CT, Fawcett Books (1954) 144p
Plymouth locomotives: Plymouth, OH, Plymouth Locomotive Works (nd) loose-leaf notebook
Portrait of the rails; from steam to diesel, by Don Ball, Jr.: NY, Galahad Books (1972) 304p
Railroad album, by John O’Connell: Chicago, Popular Mechanics Press (1954) 160p
Railroad builders, The; a chronicle of the welding of the states, by John Moody (Chronicles of America series): New Haven, Yale University Press (1919) 257p
Railroadiana; the collector’s guide to railroad memorabilia, by Charles Klamkin: NY, Funk & Wagnalls (1976) 274p
Railroading: Irving, TX, Boy Scouts of America (1973) 48p [Merit badge pamphlet]
Railroading coast to coast, by S. Kip Farrington, Jr: NY, Bonanza Books (1976) 305p
Railroads in the days of steam, by the editors of American Heritage: NY, Harper & Row (1960) 128p
Railroads of the Black Hills, by Mildred Fielder: NY, Bonanza Books (1964) 176p
Railway history, by C Hamilton Ellis; London, Studio Vista (1966) 160p
Railway passenger travel 1825-1880, by Horace Porter: Scotia, NY, Americana Review (nd) 31p
Railways, by Paul Hamlyn (rev. ed): London, Hamlyn Publishing (1970) 152p
Ride the Red Devils along Ohio’s trolley trails, by Harry Christiansen: Euclid, OH, Transit House (1971) 152p
Ride the big red cars; how trolleys helped build Southern California, by Spencer Crump (3rd ed): Costa Mesa, CA, Trans-Anglo Books (1962) 256p
Southern Pacific; the roaring story of a fighting railroad, by Neill C. Wilson and Frank J. Taylor: NY, McGraw Hill (1952) 256p
Stations west [the story of the Oregon railways], by Edwin D. Culp: Caldwell, ID, Caxton Printers (1972) 265p
Steam fire engine and the old-time fire bell: Dayton, OH, Carillon Park (nd) 25p
Steam in East Africa, a pictorial history of the railways in East Africa 1893-1976, by Kevin Patience: Nairobi, Heinemann (1976) 127p
Steam locomotive in America; its development in the twentieth century, by Alfred W. Bruce: NY, W.W. Norton (1952) 443p
Steaming up; the autobiography of Samuel M. Vanclain, by Samuel M. Vanclair: San Marino, CA, Golden West Books (1973)   [reprint of the 1930 edition published by Brewer & Warren, NY] 319p
Story of the Michigan logging wheels: Grayling MI, Natural History Assoc. (nd) 1 sheet
Story of the West River Railroad, a complete account of the life of the 36-mile railroad from Brattleboro to South Londonderry, Vermont, by Victor L. Morse: np, (1939) 32p [Reprinted from a series of articles published in The Brattleboro Reformer and The Vermont Phoenix]
Tale of the tremendous trifle: Bristol, CT, New Departure Division, General Motors (1944) 215p [biography of New Departure, world’s largest maker of ball bearings, during the way years from 1939 to 1944]
This was railroading, by George B. Abdill: NY, Bonanza Books (1958)192p
Through by rail, by Charles Gilbert Hall: NY, Macmillan Company (1938) 152p
Time of the trolley, by William D. Middleton: Milwaukee, WI, Kalmbach Publishing (1967) 436p
Toyshop steam, by Basil Harley: Watford, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1978) 86p
Trackside in the rust belt 1957-1977 with Cal Banse, by Stephen M. Timko: Scotch Plains, NJ, Morning Sun Books (2008) 128p [Autographed by Cal Banse]
Train journeys of the world: NY, Barnes & Noble (1993) 224p
Trains we rode, by Lucius Beebe and Chalres Clegg: NY, Promontory Press (1990) 976p
Treasury of railroad folklore; the stories, tall tales, traditions, ballads and songs of the American railroad man, ed by B.A. Botkin and Alvin F. Harlow; NY, Bonanza Books (1953) 530p
Trolley car treasury; a century of American streetcars - horsecars, cable cars, interurbans, and trolleys, by Frank Rowsome, Jr.: NY, Bonanza Books (1956) 200p
Trolley trails through Greater Cleveland and Northern Ohio, v.2 by Harry Christiansen: Lakewood, OH, Trolley Lore (1975) p.157-324
Trolley trails through Greater Cleveland and Northern Ohio, v.3 by Harry Christiansen: Lakewood, OH, Trolley Lore (1975) p.329-516
Underground railways of the world, by O.S. Nock: NY, St. Martin’s Press (1973) 288p

When the railroad was king, the nineteenth-century railroad era in Michigan, by Frank N. Elliott: Lansing, MI, Michigan Historical Commission (1966) 68p
World locomotive models, by George Dow: NY, Arco Publishing Co. (1973) 168p
World’s rail way; a facsimile of the 1894 ed, by J.G. Pangborn: NY, Bramhall House (1974) 175p
Wonderful world of steam locomotives, by P.B. Whitehouse: London, Hamlyn (1978) 96p
Yankees under steam; an anthology of the best stories on the world of steam published in Yankee Magazine since 1935, by Austin N. Stevens: Dublin, NH, Yankee Inc. (1970) 253p
Yonder comes the train, by Lance Phillips: NY, A.S. Barnes (1965) 395p
150 years of north American railroads, by Bernard Fitzsimons: Secaucus, NJ, Chartwell Books (1982) 224p

Construction projects
Building a stream engine from castings, by Edgar T. Westbury, Rev.ed.: Kings Langley, Herts., Model & Allied Publications (1974) 36p
Building ‘Mastiff’; a four cylinder petrol engine, by L.C. Mason: Kings Langley, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1975) 139p
Drawings and instructions covering the “step by step” method of constructing the 1/4" scale steam locomotives, by Martin S. Lewis: Lomita, CA, Little Engines (nd) 48p
Elmer’s engines, by Elmer Verburg: Cadillac, MI, Old Orchard Publishing Service (1988) 283p
Home made steam engines, by Edward G. Warren (v.1 - The Wobblers): St. Cloud, MN, Camelback Books (1998) 42p
How to build a boiler, by J.P. Friend: Topsfield MA (nd) 16p
LBSC’s Virginia: Lings Langley, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1975) 190p
Machine shop projects: South Bend, IN, South Bend Lathe (1965) 104p
Machine shop projects for trade, vocational, and high school shops, by Roy E. Knight: Bloomington, IL, McKnight & McKnight (1943) 112p
“Maisie” words and music, by L.B.S.C.: London, Percival Marshall (1952) 131p
Manual of model steam locomotive construction, by Martin Evans, 3rd ed.: Kings Langley, Herts., Model & Allied Publicaitons (1967) 172p
Miniature steam boilers and steam engines; how to build them, by Chas. V. Arnold: Junction City, OR, Chas. V. Arnold (1961) 47p
Model stationary and marine steam engines, by K.N. Harris: Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1964) 153p
Model 4-stroke petrol engines; designing-building-running, by L.C. Mason: Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1976) 116p
N.E.O.L.S. Track building and track laying standards, by Brian Keim?: n.p., (2001) 18 leaves
Rob Roy; how to build a simple 3-1/2 in” gauge 0-6-0 tank locomotive based on The Dockyard engines of the old Caledonian Railway, by Martin Evans: Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1972) 112p
Shops, shed, & road; a handbook on the construction and fitting of details and accessories for small power steam locomotives, by L.B.S.C.: London, Percival Marshall (nd) 176p
Simple model locomotive building; introducing LBSC’s Tish, ed. by Martin Evans: Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1968) 268p
Small electric motor construction, by J. Gordon Hall, 2nd ed.: London, Percival Marshall (1951) 86p
So you want to build a live steam locomotive, by Joseph Foster Nelson: Cadillac, MI, Wildwood Publications (1974) 161p

American machinists’ handbook and dictionary of shop terms, by Fred H. Colvin and Frank A. Stanley, 3rd ed.: NY, Mc-Graw-Hill (1920) 758p
Conversion factors and tables, by O.T. Zimmerman and Irvin Lavine: Dover, NH, Industrial Research Service (1955) 501p
Hardness tests and hardness number conversions: NY, International Nickel Co. (1947) 14 p
Locomotive cyclopedia of American practice, 7th ed.: NY, Simmons-Boardman Publishing Co. (1925) 1130p
Machining data handbook, 3rd ed.; Cincinnati, OH, Machinability Data Center (1980) 2v
Metals handbook, v.1: Properties and selection of metals: Metals Park, OH, American Society for Metals (1961) 1300p
Metals handbook, desk edition, edited by Howard E. Boyer and Timothy L. Gall: Metals Park, OH, American Society for Metals (1985) 1v (various paging)
Steam; its generation and use, 35th ed.: NY, Babcock & Wilcox Co. (1913) 335p
Steam-engine principles and practice, by Terrell Croft: NY, McGraw-Hill (1922) 513p
Tables and diagrams of the thermal properties of saturated and superheated steam, by Lionel S. Marks and Harvey N. Davis: NY, Longmans, Green and Co. (1925) 106p
Thermodynamic properties of steam; including data for the liquid and solid phases, by Joseph H. Keenan and Frederick G. Keyes: NY, John Wiley & Sons (1936) 89p
Tool engineers handbook, by American Society of Tool Engineers: NY, McGraw-Hill (1949) 2070p
1001 mechanical facts made easy; a handbook of simple mechanical knowledge for everyone interested in the work of the engineer: Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (nd) 96p

Baker locomotive valve gear: NY Pilliod Co. (1931) 65p
Easy lessons in mechanics: London, John W. Parker (1836) 291p
Examination for firemen...: New York Central System (1949) 264p
Hawkins’ indicator catechism, by N. Hawkins: NY, Theo. Audel & Co. (1903) 173p
Heat engines; steam, gas, steam turnbines and their auxiliaries, by John R. Allen and Joseph A. Bursley, 4th ed.: NY, McGraw-Hill (1931) 538p
How to do your own wood finishing, by Jackson Hand, 2nd ed: NY, Harper & Row (1976) 170p
LBSC’s shop, shed and road, ed. by Martin Evans (originally published in 1929, reprinted as The Live Steam Book, now revised appearing again under its original title: (Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1969) 192p
Locomotive engine running and management, by Angus Sinclair, 14th ed.: NY, John Wiley (1890) 416p
Locomotive valve setting (Serial 4001): Scranton, PA, International Correspondence Schools (1930) 96p
Locomotive valves and valve gears, by Chas. S. Lake and A. Reidinger: London, Percival Marshall (1951) 142p
Locomotives, by Annis: Adrian, MI, Thomas A. Annis (1924) 390p
Model boilers & boilermaking, by K.N. Harris: Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1969) 185p
Model engineering; a guide to model workshop practice, by Henry Greenly: London, Cassell & Co. (1915) 407p
Model locomotive and marine boilers, by Martin Evans: Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Argus Books (1988) 190p
Model locomotive boilers; their design and construction, by Martin Evans: Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1969) 144p
Model stationary and marine steam engines, by K.N. Harris, rev. ed.: Hemel Hemstead, Herts., Model & Allied Publications (1964) 153p
“Performance record of the Timken locomotive”; a reprint of an address given by T.V. Buckwalter before the Central Railway Club of Buffalo on Nov. 13, 1930 and the Railway Club of Pittsburgh on Dec. 18, 1930: Canton, OH, Timken Roller Bearing Co. (1931) 24p [photocopy]
Power plant engineering questions and answers, 3rd ed.:Chicago, Power Plant Engineering (1928) 341p
Practical application of the slide valve and link motion to stationary, portable, locomotive, and marine engines, by William S. Auchincloss, 12th ed.: Bradley, IL, Lindsay Publications (1984) 170p
Practical data for metallurgists, rev. ed.: Canton, OH, The Timken Co (1977) 100p
Practical instructions relating to th construction and use of the steam engine indicator: Boston, MA, Crosby Steam Gage and Valve Co. (1910) 196p
Questions and answers for engineers and firemans examinations, by Frank D. Graham: NY, Theo. Audel & Co. (1954) 510p
Rules for timing locomotives with Walschaerts gear and Rules for timing locomotives with Baker gears: np, Friends Steam Models Catalog (nd) 1 sheet
“Secondary systems”, by Gustav A. Mueller: Gould battery handbook: Mendota Heights, MN, Gould Inc. (1973) 1v [photocopy; batteries covered: Nicad, Silver-Zinc, Lead-acid, Nickel-zinc, Zinc-Air, Lithium-Chlorine, Lithium-Sulfur, Sodium-Sulfer]
Study of Stream Power, The; a steam engineering tutorial for the steam enthusiast hobbyist, by Tom Stockton, Revised by T Parkinson: n.p. (2010) 1 v (looseleaf) [Developed in part for the North American Model Engineering Society, 1998 to 2009] [Includes a Valve Gear Program CD]
Up-to-date air-brake catechism, by Robert H. Blackall: NY, Norman W. Henley (1899) 230p
Walschaerts’ valve gear for working models, by Henry Greenly (Model Railway News handbooks, no. 3): London, Percival Marshall (nd) 64p

Shop practice
Airbrushing for modellers, by Richard M. Goldman and Murray Rubenstein: London, Almark Publishing Co. (1974) 64p
Amateur’s workshop, by Ian Bradley: Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1971) 265p
Arbors and work holding devices; a treatise on the appliances used for holding work for turning, boring and grinding (Machinery’s reference series, no. 120): NY, Industrial Press (1914) 48p
Control of surface quality, by james A. Broadston, 4th ed.: Hollywood, CA, Surface Checking Gage Co. (1951) 63p
Development of sheet metal detail fittings for bench fditters and toolmakers, etc., by William S.B. Townsend, 2nd ed.: London, Pitman & Sons (1938) 48p
Electroplater’s handbook, by C. W. Ammen: Blue Ridge Summit, PA, Tab Books (1986) 213p
Electroplating for the amateur, by L. Warburton: London, Percival Marshall (1950) 100p
Elements of print reading, by Jay H. Bergen (Serial 6719-2): Scranton, PA, International Correspondence Schools (1968) 76p
Engineer’s handbook of piston rings, sealing rings, mechanical shaft seals, 7th ed.: Baltimore, MD, Koppers Co. (1959) 133p
Hardening and tempering engineers’ tools, by George Gentry, 3rd ed. revised by Edgar T. Westbury: Watford, Herts., Model & Allied Publications (1966) 89p
How to machine Republic stainless steel bars: Cleveland, Republic Steel Corp. (1960) 91 p
How to run a drill press, 3rd ed.: South Bend, IN, South Bend Lathe (1966) 24p
Layout, by Louis N. Di Pipi and John E. Borchert (Serial 3501): Scranton, PA, International Correspondence Schools (1966) 74p
Machine shop operations and setups, by Harold W. Porter, Orville D. Lascoe, and Clyde A. Nelson, 3rd ed.: Chicago, American Technical Society (1967) 512p
Machine shop operations and setups, study guide, by Howard M. Draves (based on Machine shop operations and setups, by Porter, Lascoe, Nelson, 3rd ed.): Chicago, American Technical Society (1967) 152p
Machine shop practice, by K.H. Moltrecht, 2nd ed., v.l: NY, Industrial Press (1981) 496p
Machine tool technology, by Willard J. McCarthy and Robert E. Smith: Bloomington, IL, McKnight & McKnight (1968) 672p
Machining fundamentals, by John R. Walker: South Holland, IL, Goodheart-Willcox Co. (1969) 512p
Machinists and tool makers handy book, by Frank D. Graham: NY, Theo. Audel & Co. (1942) 1v (various paging)
Marking-out practice for mechanics, by Ian Bradley and Norman Hallows: London, Percival Marshall (1948) 116p
Mechanical drawing, by Thomas E. French, Carl L. Svensen, Jay D. Helsel, Bryon Urbanick, 8th ed: NY, McGraw-Hill (1974) 568p
Mechanic’s repair-shop manual, by Herbert J. Dyer: London, Percival Marshall (nd) 114p
Modern metalworking; materials, tools and procedures, by John R. Walker: South Holland, IL, Goodheart-Willcox Co. (1970) 1v (various paging)
New encyclopedia of machine shop practice; a guide to the principles and practice of machine shop practice, The, edited by George W. Barnwell: NY, Wm. H. Wise & Co. (1941) 568p
Painting miniatures: Amsterdam, NY, Floquil Products (1961) 38p + color chart
Pattern making, by Joseph E. Dangerfield: London, Percival Marchall (nd) 63p
Practical armature winding, by Alfred H. Avery, rev. ed.: London, Percival Marshall (1948)100p
Precision finish with Timesaver lapping compound, by William F. Epmeier: Chicago, Timesaver Products Co. of Illinois (nd) 24p
Projects One, by Joe D. Rice: Traverse City, MI, Home Shop Machinist (1987) 200p
Projects Two, by Joe D. Rice: Traverse City, MI, Home Shop Machinist (1988) 216p
Projects Three, by Joe D. Rice: Traverse City, MI, Home Shop Machinist (1989) 220p
Reading shop prints, by Jay H. Bergen, Part 1, 2nd ed. (Serial 6720A-3): Scranton, PA, International Correspondence Schools (1968) 68p
Reading shop prints, by Jay H. Bergen, Part 2, 2nd ed. (Serial 6720B-3): Scranton, PA, International Correspondence Schools (1968) 74p
Shop theory, prepared by...Henry Ford Trade School..., rev. ed.: NY, McGraw-Hill (1942) 267p
Shop theory, by James Anderson and Earl E. Tatro, 6th ed.: NY, McGraw-Hill (1974) 568p
Shop wisdom of Rudy Kouhoupt, ed. by Joe Rice: Traverse City, MI, Village Press (1989) 228p
Starlett book for student machinists. 11th ed.: Athol, MA, L.S. Starrett Co. (1968) 184p
Static and dynamic balancing, by Werner I. Senger: np, American Society of Tool Engineers (nd) 16p
Toolmaking hints & tips, by R. Hutcheson: London, Percival Marshall (nd) 82p
Tools and patterns, by Albert A. Dowd (Factory management course, v.4): NY, Industrial Extension Institute (1918) 446p
Use and care of taps: Cleveland, Cleveland Twist Drill (1978) 88p
Workshop hints & tips, by Geometer (a Model Engineer handbook): Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1957) 60p

Shop practice - brazing, soldering, welding
Aluminum weldor’s training manual: NY, The Aluminum Association (1972) 52p
Arc welding, by William A. Sellon and John Matthews, 2nd ed.: Cleveland, James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation (1958) 48p
Brazers’s handbook, by Charles R. Self, Jr.: NY, Drake Publishers (1978) 108p
Brazing manual, by American Welding Society: NY, Reinhold (1955) 193p
Modern welding, by Andrew D. Althouse, Carl H. Turnquist and William A. Bowditch: South Holland, IL, Goodheart-Willcox Co. (1970) 1v (various paging)
Practical arc welding; a text book, by W.J. Chaffee: Troy, OH, Hobart Trade School (1942) 516p
Soldering and brazing, by A.R. Turpin: Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Model & Allied Publications  (1972) 88p
Welder’s handbook, by Richard Finch and Tom Monroe: Los Angeles, HPBooks (1985) 160p
Welding aluminum (reprinted from Section 4, 6th ed. ot The welding handbook): Miami, FL, American Welding Society (1972) 161p

Shop practice - foundry
Cast metals handbook: Chicago, American Foundrymen’s Association (1944) 756p
Foundry work, by R.E. Wendt, 2nd ed.: NY, McGraw-Hill (1928) 236p
Metalcaster’s bible, The, by C.W. Ammen: Blue Ridge Summit, PA, Tab Books (1980) 434p

Shop practice - gearing
American Machinist gear book; simplified tables and formulas for designing, and practical points in cutting all commercial types of gears, by Charles H. Logue and Reginald Trautschold: NY, McGraw-Hill (1922) 353p
Gear cutting practice; methods of producing gears for commercial use, by Fred H. Colvin and Frank A. Stanley: NY, McGraw-Hill (1937) 344p
Gears for small mechanisms, by W.O. Davis: London, N.A.G. Press (1953) 157p
High performance gear design, by Alec Stokes: London, Machinery Publishing Co. (1970) 190p
Precision gearing; theory and practice, by George W. Michalec: NY, John Wiley (1966) 620p
Spiral gearing, 4th ed. (Machinery’s reference series, no. 20): NY, Industrial Press (1917) 48p
Worm gearing, 4th ed. (Machinery’s reference series, no. 1): NY, Industrial Press (1917) 48p

Shop practice - machining
Broaches and broaching, by W. Wilson Burden; NY, Broaching Tool Institute (1944) 97p
Drilling machine, by Ian Bradley: Kings Langley, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1973) 157p
Drilling machines..: Adrian, MI, Ace Drill Co. (nd) 30p
Grinding machine, by Ian Bradley: King Langley, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1973) 135p
How to run a lathe; the care and operation of a screw-cutting lathe, 55th ed: South Bend, IN, South Bend Lathe (1966) 128p
How to run a metal working shaper, 3rd ed.: South Bend, IN, South Bend Lathe (1966) 24p
Lathe accessories; practical instructions for making and using numerous ingenious accessories for metal-turning lathes, by Edgar T. Westbury, 2nd ed.; London, Percival Marshall (1964) 109p
Milling in small lathes, ed by  (The Model Engineer series no. 41): London, Percival Marshall (nd) 64p
Lathe and shaping machine tools, by Duplex: London, Percival Marshall (1949) 73p
“M.E.” lathe manual, by Edgar T. Westbury: London, Percival Marshall (1951) 163p
Milling in the lathe, by Edgar T. Westbury, rev. ed.: Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1948) 152p
Milling practice series: book one: right and wrong in milling practice: Milwaukee, WI, Kearney & Thecker (1942) 136p
Milling practice series: book two: the milling machine and its attachments: Milwaukee, WI, Kearney & Thecker (1945) 83p
Screw threads and twist drills, by Duplex (Ian Bradley and Norman Hallows), rev. ed.; Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Model & Allied Publications (1967) 85p
Simple lathe accessories and how to make them; ed by Alfred W. Marshall (The Model Engineer series, no. 47): London, Percival Marshall (nd) 60p
Tool grinding (Serial 5349-4): Scranton, PA, International Correspondence Schools (nd) 74p

Books in series
American School of Correspondence, Chicago
Forging (1907)
Foundry work, parts I, II (1906)
Machine shop work, parts I, II, III, IV, V (1905-1909)
Mechanical drawing, parts I, II, III (1911-1913)
Pattern making, parts I, II
Practical physics, parts I, II (1912-1913)
Tool making, parts I, II, III (1909)
Welding (1914)

International Library: Scranton, PA, International Textbook Co
[Full-scale operation]
Automatic train control, no. 530 (1930)
Boiler details - pipes and fittings, no.229B (1933, 1951)
Boiler feeding and flue-gas analysis, no. 381C (1944, 1950)
Boiler furnaces - boiler feeding chimneys, no. 230 (1925)
Boiler furnaces and chimneys, no. 230C (1948)
Boiler management, inspection, and furnaces, no. 456B (1949, 1950)
Brake equipments for high speed trains, no. N518 (1949)
Burning solid fuels, no. 471B (1948)
Chemistry, and materials construction, no. 211C (1950, 1951)
Diesel locomotive auxiliaries, no. 641 (1946)
Diesel locomotive operation, no. 644 (1946)
Diesel locomotives - trucks - draft rigging, no. 637 (1945)
Electrical equipment of diesel locomotives, no. 642 (1945)
Electrical equipment of diesel locomotives - II, no. 643 (1945)
Elements of mechanics, no. 348B (1943)
Fairbanks-Morse diesel locomotive engines, no. 639 (1947)
Formulas - cube root - logarithms, no. 235B (1938, 1948, 1949)
Four-cycle diesel locomotive engines, no. 640 (1945, 1946)
Fuel testing and power economics, no. N462 (1932, 1933)
Locomotive boiler-feeding devices, no. 508D (1934, 1937)
Locomotive breakdowns and appliances, no. 511C (1931, 1943)
Locomotive erecting shoes and wedges, no. 527 (1927, 1928)
Locomotive frame and cross-ties, no. 528 (1928, 1929)
Locomotive stokers, no. 507 (1922, 1943)
Lubricators - headlights, no. 509B (1943)
No. 8 EL diesel brake equipment, no. 645 (1946, 1947)
Oil and gas burning under boilers, no. 231D (1931, 1948)
Planers and planer practice, no. 180 (1927, 1936)
Principles of combustion, no. N459 (1932, 1933)
Principles of diesel engines, no. 636 (1945)
Properties of materials - riveted joints, no. 232C (1926, 1948)
Pumps for various purposes, no. 454 (1929, 1942)
Rod, wheel, and pin work, no. 529B (1929, 1931)
Shapers, slotters, and boring mills, no. 181C (1927, 1943)
Slide rule, The, no. N255 (1948)
Toolmaking, no. 189C (1935)
Trigonometry and graphs, no. 145D (1948)
Two-cycle diesel locomotive engines, no. 638 (1945)

Science of Railways cyclopedia: Chicago, Railway Training Institute (1926)
[Full-scale operation]
Air brake practice, v.1
Air brake practice, v.2
Electrical practice
Locomotive practice, v.1
Locomotive practice, v.2
Operating trains
Loose-leaf extension service (1927)
  [new text matter furnished semi-annually]

Train shed cyclopedia: Novato, CA, Newton K. Gregg
Electric motor cars 1888-1928 - no.25
Gondolas and hoppers - no.5
Heavy traction 1922-1941 - no.15
Locos of the 40s and 50s (diesel), part 9 - no.64
Locos of the 40s and 50s, part 11 - no.80
Rail motor cars 1919-1928 - no.30
Rail motor cars of the 1930s - no.10
Shays and other geared locos - no.34
Signals and signal symbols - no.27

Engineering in miniature
v.4 no.8 - v.6 no.81983-1985
Home shop machinist
Idea exchange [edited by Ira D.S. Kelly]
Live steam magazine
v.34#1-4January-August 2000
Live steam newsletter
Locomotive & Railway Preservation
Miniature locomotive; the live steamer’s magazine
v.1 #3 - v.2 #61952 - 1954
Model craftsman     [incomplete]
Model engineer     [incomplete]
Modeltec     [some volumes incomplete]
North American live steamer
[v.1, #6 has story & photos of Al Barkdull’s “Juliet”]
Projects in metal
Scale steam pictorial
7+ narrow gauger     [scattered]

Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Co., 1925

Locomotive engines
TS-1A1 PRR 0-4-0, by Kozo
3/4" scale     (172 sheets)
FS-16Alco narrow gauge locomotive, 2-6-2T, by Don Young
3-1/2" gauge     (11 sheets)
TL-5Climax 17-ton, Class B, by Bill Hildebrant
2" scale     (1 sheet)
FL-7Falk #1, by W.M. Harris
1-1/2" scale     (15 sheets)
[Plans for the Ruth B. Olson]
FS-13Green Arrow 2-6-2, by Martin Evans
1-3/4" gauge     (5 sheets)
TS-3Heisler, 50 ton, by Kozo
3/4" scale     (58 sheets + 2 photos)
FS-14“Invicta”, by L.B.S.C.
3/4" scale     (8 sheets)
TS-13“Ivan” diesel 4-wheel switcher, by Jim Williams
1-1/2" scale     (1 sheet)
[built by Ivan Gillette, 1982]
TS-4“Maise” G.N. Atlantic, by L.B.S.C.
3/4" scale     (7 sheets)
FS-17Santa Fe diesel switch paint diagram
(1 sheet)
TL-6Texas 2-10-4
1-1/2" scale     (3 sheets)
TS-6“Titfield Thunderbolt” 0-4-2, by L.B.S.C.
3/4" and 1" scale     (11 sheets)
TS-8“Tom Thumb”, by Friends Models
3/4" scale   (10 sheets + 10 photos)
[Built by Bill Hildebrant]
E-1Southern Ps-4 Class Pacific Locomotive Drawings, ed. by William C. Fitt: Cadillac, MI, Wildwood Publications (1973) 34 p
1/2" scale
TL-4Timken “4 Aces”
prototype     (33 sheets)
E-2Union Pacific FEF-3 Class 4-8-4 Locomotive Drawings, ed. by William C. Fitt: Cadillac, MI, Wildwood Publications (1975) 48 p
TL-2“Virginia” 4-4-0, by L.B.S.C.
3/4" scale     (7 sheets)
[Roy Johnston’s construction model; mylar sheets]

Locomotive components
FL-2Air brakes for Allen trucks, by Jim Williams
1-1/2" scale     (1 sheet)
TS-7Allen mogul brake rigging, sheet #9
1-1/2" scale     (1 sheet)
TS-2Allen mogul swing link lead truck
1-1/2" scale     (3 sheets)
TS-11Baker locomotive valve gear
prototype     (10 sheets + design discussion)
FS-2Ball bearing truck, by Allen Models
1-1/2" scale     (1 sheet)
FL-3Bettendorf trucks
3/4" scale     (1 sheet)
FS-5Brake stands by a) Little Engines; and b) Marty Pinkston
1-1/2" scale     (2 sheets)
TS-14Buckeye trucks
prototype     (18 sheets)
TS-9C&O truck details
prototype     (11 sheets)
FS-1Duplex feed pump, by David H. Smith
(10 sheets + design discussion)
[based on Allen Models]
FS-10Hand pump, by Little Engines
1-1/2" scale     (1 sheet)
(1 sheet)
TS-10Reverse steam gear, by H.J. Coventry
3/4" scale     (4 sheets + 4 design discussion)
FS-3Vacuum brakes
1-1/2" scale     (1 sheet)
FS-7Water or air pump, by Allen Models
1-1/2" scale     (2 sheets)
FS-9Westinghouse steam/water & steam air pumps, modified, by D&L Shops
1-1/2" scale     (25 sheets)
[D&L = Darrell Kraft and Larry Volzer]
FL-9Westinghouse type steam/air pump, by Van Brocklin
1-1/2" scale     (1 sheet)

Locomotive rolling stock
FL-6Southern Pacific caboose C-40-1, by Armitage
3/4" scale     (1 sheet)

FL-4Boston & Maine 70 ton hopper car, by Yankee Shop
3/4" scale     (1 sheet)

TL-1Aktinson standard steam lorry, by Ashley Mfg. Co.
3" scale     (12 sheets)
FL-5Allchin traction engine, by W.J. Hughes
1-1/2" scale     (20 sheets)
FS-15Beam steam engine, by Stuart Turner
(1 sheet + extras)

FL-8Case traction engine
1" scale     (18 drawings on 36 sheets + design discussion)
TL-3Case traction engine, by Tiny Power
2" scale     (14 drawings)
TS-12English steam truck
(9 sheets)
[Clayton undertype steam wagon]
TL-7Gothic beam engine, by Robert E. Gale (c1999 by Dennis J. Howe)
(28 sheets)
E-3How to build a 4" Case traction engine and water wagon, by Ralph W. Andres: Belle Plaines, MN (1997) 87 p.
4" scale
TS-15Irving J. Olson Station, by Barney Bahle Builders
1/2" scale     (2 sheets)
FS-18“M.E.” model traction engine
1" scale     (1 sheet)
TS-16Magnificent marble machine, by Dennis Howe: Brighton, MI, Historic Models and Reproductions (c2006)
(9 sheets)
FS-11“Mary” model of non-condensing 20-HP beam engine, by A.J. Reeves & Co. Ltd.
(5 sheets)
FS-12“Shand Mason” steam fire engine, circa 1894
(6 sheets)
[English engine]
FS-8Slip roll, 12", by P. Yahner
(2 sheets)
FL-1Steam launch, by Daniel Post
(3 sheets + letter)
TS-5Stream roller, by W.M. Harris
1-1/2" scale     (7 sheets)
FS-6Steeple engine, by H. Clarkson & Sons
1" scale     (3 sheets)
[High pressure steam engine of 1840]

VHS Tapes
Ace of Black Diamonds: Poland, OH, Hopewell Productions (1985) 52 minutes
Action with the Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers, videotaped by T Parkinson (1988) 53 minutes [video invitation to the 20th anniversary] [includes Del’s Folks (1989) 2 minutes]
America’s railroads; the steam train legacy: np, Marathon Music & Video (1995) 7 tapes
1 - Last of the giants - 30 minutes; Big trains rolling - 30 minutes
2 - A great railroad at work - 50 minutes
3 - This is my railroad - 60 minutes
4 - The steam locomotive; The freight yard; The railroad signal - 60 minutes
5 - Progress on wheels; Wheels of steel; Clear track ahead - 60 minutes
6 - The railroad story - 30 minutes; The Baltimore & Ohio presents - 30 minutes
7 - The golden age of steam trains - 60 minutes
Big Six: Struthers, OH, Hopewell Productions (1981) 48 minutes
Cass Scenic Railroad: Pasadena, CA, Pentrex (1990) 52 minutes
Complete Cumbres: np, Sunday River Productions (1983) 31 minutes
Complete Silverton; np, Sunday River Productions (1983) 32 minutes
Day at the Riverside and Great Northern Railway: Wisconsin Dells, WI, Riverside and Great Northern Preservation Society (1990) 33 minutes
Geared triple-header: Tustin, CA, Valhalla Video Productions (1995) 75 minutes
I wanna be a train engineer: np, Greg James Productions (1995) 31 minutes
Life begins at forty; NKP #765: Poland, OH, Hopewell Productions (1985) 58 minutes
Live steam potpourri, videotaped by Jim Borcz
Western Reserve Train Week (July 1986) 45 minutes
Richmond Hills Live Steamers (August 1986) 27 minutes
New Jersey Live Steamers (October 1986) 45 minutes
Pioneer Valley Live Steamers (October 1986) 10 minutes
Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers (September 1987) 10 minutes
Love those trains: np., National Geographic Society (1984) 60 minutes
N.A.M.E.S. 1999 Exposition: by Mike rehmus, np, ByVideo (1999) 137 minutes
NEOLS - 20th anniversary meet, videotaped by Rex Shriver (September 1994) 58 minutes
Operations on the Pittsburgh, Akron & Western, videotaped by T Parkinson (1988) 30 minutes [video of the September 24-25, 1988 meet]
Outdoor 1-1/2 scale railroading, located at Copley, Ohio, videotaped by Rex Shriver? (July 1991) 14 minutes
Queen of the fleet: Struthers, OH, Hopewell Productions (1983) 58 minutes
Red express; the trans-Siberian railroad: np, Kane Productions (1993) 50 minutes
Rio Grande Southern: np, Sunday River Productions (1988) 112 minutes
Sacramento steam spectacular: Struthers, OH, Hopewell Productions (1981) 51 minutes
Screaming steam: np, Motor Classics (1995) 40 minutes
Silverton in winter (11 minutes), and OY Rotaries on Cumbres (12 minutes): np, Sunday River Productions (1982) 23 minutes
Steam to Mallaic; a driver’s-eye view: Tempe, AZ, On-side Video (1985) 56 minutes
Steam trains still running: Westminster, MA, Wiltec Film Co. (1989) 28 minutes
Steep steel & slipping stalling steam ! !: Richmond, VA, Main Line Motion Pictures (nd) 94 minutes
Trans-Siberian rail journeys: np, PBS Home Video (1996) 120 minutes
Western Maryland’s Big Six: Forest Park, GA, Trackside Video (1999) 44 minutes
Western Reserve Train Week, videotaped by Rex Shriver (July 1986) 63 minutes
Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers (Copley) - 34 minutes
Lake Shore Live Steamers (Penitentiary Glen) - 22 minutes
Clyde Bleil’s track (Mentor) - 7 minutes
World’s greatest train ride videos: Canada: NY, Publishers Choice Video (1993) 81 minutes
World’s greatest train ride videos; Scotland and Wales: NY, Publishers Choice Video (1993) 61 minutes
World’s greatest train ride videos; Switzerland: NY, Publishers Choice Video (1993) 60 minutes
18 wheels of steel: Poland, OH, Hopewell Productions (1987) 55 minutes
25 years for the Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers, 1969-1994, videotaped by T Parkinson (1994) 39 minutes [video invitation to the 25th anniversary]

Action with the Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers, videotaped by T Parkinson (1988) 53 minutes [video invitation to the 20th anniversary] [includes Del’s Folks (1989) 2 minutes]
Del’s Folks (1989 and 2003) 5-1/2 minutes [NEOLS on Del’s Folks]
Great American railroads; np, TGG Direct (2010) 3 black & white DVDs
Includes fan-fold time-line of major RR events, 1753-1970
Highline dedication, produced by Brad Studd (2009) 3:10 minutes [dedicated Saturday, September 12, 2009 at the NEOLS 40th Anniversary Open Meet]
Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers 2010 rail camp, produced by Arthur Chapman (2010) 17.07 minutes [held August 4-6, 2010]

Operations on the Pittsburgh, Akron & Western, videotaped by T Parkinson (1988) 30 minutes [video of the September 24-25, 1988 meet]
1930s or can it be 1991?, The, taped by T Parkinson (1991) 42 minutes
25 years for the Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers, 1969-1994, videotaped by T Parkinson (1994) 39 minutes [video invitation to the 25th anniversary]

Cassette Tapes
Timkin “Four Aces”, talk given by George Deal, President of the Stark County Historical Society and past executive of Timken, given at the NEOLS dinner, September 15, 1984 - 25 minutes