Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers

The Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers is actively recruiting new members.

Our club is 31 years old and consists of members from 10 years old to well, lets just say old enough. We vacated our mature site in Copley, Ohio in 1998. Now, working with the Medina County Park Board we are in the early stages of development of a nine-acre site in the Lester Rail Trail Park, northwest of Medina. Site grading and clearing is underway for a 2,200 ft 7-1/2 in. gauge mainline loop and a 1,200 sq. ft station style clubhouse / meeting building.
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You may or may not be aware that the Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers are currently constructing a miniature railroad in the Lester Rail Trail of the Medina County Park District. We started some 16 months ago on the west side of Lester Road in the area south of the Rail Trail and east of the CSX tracks. Last October we started construction of our Irving J. Olson Station. The trackage on the ground and our equipment service facilities are sufficiently complete at this time that we can offer a very meaningful train ride similar to that which we will be offering for the Park District programs starting next season. We have roughly 4,000 ft of rail down.
                         August 28, 2002
                       Founded in 1969
Below please find a short out line on how NEOLS got started
In 1969
          September 13th
          Organizational meet at Clint Ensworh's with 24 men, 4 ladies,  5  3/4" scale     
          engines, 2  1 1/2' scale engines present. Dick Dute was appointed Acting Chairman

          October 2nd
          The name Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers was adopted. Officers voted in:
          President:        Dick Dute
          Assistants:      Fritz Birkhimer
                                   Bob Brigham
          Sec/Tres          Bill O Neil

          November 28th
         1970 dues were set at $ 20.00; initiation fee at $ 20.00

In 1970
          Constitution based on that of Pioneer Valley Live steamers was adopted
          Discussions on a club goal: to purchase land for a club track
          Code of Regulations passed
          Land Committed formed: Paul Haar, Bob Brigham
          September 21 - Incorporation papers signed. Members listed in the document to be considered Charter Members

In 1971
          Norm Young obtained a lease for a plot of land from B&W for our club track in  April
          Track layouts were worked on
          Norm Young, Bill O Neil, tom Sheets and Paul Haar surveyed for the elevated track
          Committee formed to write boiler test procedures: Norm Young & Fritz  Birkhimer

In 1975
          Passing track design by Fritz Birkhimer for ground track adopted
          Regular run days established: 2nd and 4th Sundays
          NEOLS patch available
          Boiler test procedure adopted, based on Cincinnati Cinder Sniffers in March
          Boiler Inspection Committee established
          Passing siding on both elevated ad ground tracks completed
          Trees donated by Clyde Bleil of Mentor planted around inside of elevated track
          First Annual Steam Meet September 21
          BLS Wheel Standards, with amendments, adopted

In 1976
          The newsletter was named   The Dispatcher
          Put up large building
          Elevated track-added 3rd switch,turntable, and unloading track
          Ground track- located and staked out steaming bays and turntable
          Summer Meet, July 13 / Fall Meet, October 3rd

In 1977
          Turntable for ground track installed plus one steaming bay
          Installed underground lines for water,air, and electricity
          Fall Meet with Great Lakes Live Steamers October 2

In 1979
          Club history book started
          Track ready for running every weekend
          Decision made to have an Annual Dinner
          Summer Meet, June 10 / Fall Meet, September 22-23

In 1982
          Safety Rules adopted
          Shelter finished
          Storage building finished
          Ladies Auxilary formed by Vera Birkhimer and Lorna Kraft
          Summer Meet, June 5-6 / Fall Meet, September 18-19
          Hosted the BLS 50th Anniversary Meet at the Fall Meet;
          First offered a concession stand staffed by Scouts

In 1984
          Started meeting at Copley Township Hall
          Name tags made available
          Summer Meet, June 8-10 / Fall Meet, September 14-16
          15th Anniversary celebration at Clint Ensworth's where it all began, October  12-14
          Finance Committee established

In 1986
         Joined Mini-Rail in January
         Ladies Auxiliary disbanded.February
         Silver Spike Ceremony to commememorate tying the new extension into the mainline on the ground track, June 29
         Participation inthe first multiple track meet - Western Reserve Train Week wit  NEOLS ( July3-4), Lake Shore Live Steamers ( July 5), and                  Clyde Bleil (July  6-7)
         Display and promotion of NEOLS at the McKinley Museum of History, Science  and Industry, December

In 1988
        Project to build 12 gondola style cans began in January
         Mini-Rail Boiler testing Procedures adopted
         Summer Meet, July 8-10 / Fall Meet, September 9-11
         First Video Run Day, October 8th
         First Halloween Run, October 29
         First White Elephant Party after Annual Business Meeting in December

In 1990
          Generatorshed and gasoline storage structure built and completed.
         Sievert Gas Burner donated to club
         Summer meet, July 6-8 / fall Meet, September

In 1993
        The Station Area trackage was reconstructed; drainage pipes, water and air   utilities were added
         New steaming bays were added for Ground Track equipment
         Henry's Loop was completed for the Summer meet
         The back 40 loop was completed for the Summer Meet
         Much redesign gave us the option of having a point-to-point operation an addition to the two running loops
         First time table operation including two directional running on October 24
         Start of the rebuild of the elevated track
         Summer Meet, July 9-11 / Fall Meet, September 10-12



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