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         Work Sessions:         Start March 29th, 2017.       
        From:                       10:00 a.m.  to   Dusk
       Working on:             Spring clean up , track, switches, General repairs.


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Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers are Actively Recruiting New Members 

 If You Are Interested In Building A Railroad   
Stop out to our Train Site in Medina, Ohio      
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      When:                      November 12, 2017
      Time:                       2:00 p.m.

      Where:                     3654 Lester Rd Station

     Remember:              Bring what you are working on.

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Below please find a map to our Railroad Site @ Lester Rail Trail Medina, Ohio
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Visitors:                   Are Welcomed to attend
                                            You don't need to be a member to attend.
   Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers
    Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers
    3654 Lester Road
    Medina, Ohio 44256

Medina County Community Fund
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Building A Railroad For The Lone Ranger Movie
Hello Railroaders,
Please be on the lookout for these trains if they come up for sale. 

Ron Newlon and his wife Marti Newlon their phone number is (256)325-2443 is the owner he lives in #HUNTSVILLE #ALABAMA #zip code 
35757 he had trailer problems and it was left on the side of the highway #I-20 close to 10 miles east of #birmingham the next town was #Irondale #alabama when he came back it was gone. The owner will call me back in a moment. They were on their way back home from a meet in #Dundee #Florida the meet was at #Ridgelive steamers.

Trailer information 
********* PLATE NUMBER Alabama plate 47UTC915 ***********
WHITE BOX diamond cargo decal on front and back of trailer
It has barn doors on the rear instead of tailgate.
It is a 16 foot box with an extra long pointed noise.
There is a side door on passenger side rear with a decal of a #steam #locomotive.
Small window on each side of trailer.
Alabama plates (plate number unknown at this time.)
2 axel 4 wheel trailer.
On drivers side there is a black water drain attachment.
Power outlet connector on the passenger side 50 amp about the center of the trailer.

#diesel #locomotive #model #train #7.5 inch gauge
Soo GP15 Red with white decals.
#4107 scratch built.
the frame and decking for a powered slug was with it.
Slug was black with aluminum side frames and a well in the center of the car for a generator that was not with it at the time stolen.
#caboose #erie #rear #couplal made of aluminum but looks like boards.
Red caboose with black roof, caboose does does have remote control and battery inside for brakes.
Estimate 2 doors and 10 windows total.
#police case # 17030437

Capt. John R. Boots III
email info@bigbootsrr.com
web page bigbootsrr.com
P. O. Box 41
Candler, FL 32111
Florida's Largest 7.5 inch gauge Railroad