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Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers 
      Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers Dues

  Full Member:     $ 60.00              18 & Older
  Spouse:             $ 40.00              18 & Older
  Associate:          $ 30.00              18 & Older
  Junior:               $ 15.00              10 - 18 Years Old
Regular Club Meetings: Are On the  Second Sunday of Each Month
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 The Secretary for Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers

    John Murray
    108 Erin Ct, Elyria Ohio 44035
    Phone: 440-365-3848

  Would you like to report on activities or concerns affecti the Club? 
  Contact the Recording Secretary with a written article for inclusion in the Dispatcher.

email me
   PRESIDENT:          Brad Studd              Troy Sprs
  VICE PESIDENT:     Pete Yahner
                Brian Tusin, 
  TREASURER:         Karen Studd            Karen Studd
  TRUSTEE:              Brian Tusin                 Harry Boivin III
  SECRETARY:         John Murray            JJohn Murray
     ls Secretary
ohn Riba

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns please e-mail any of the below officers.   

  Thank  you!
Hello All,
 I wanted to shout out a huge thanks to all the members who responded to help with phase I installation of signals.  We were able to get a considerable amount done yesterday because of those who responded.  More information will be discussed at the August meeting.  Attached you will find some pictures, but more will be found on the websites.  Hope to see you on the rails!

NEOLS members,

To add to what Troy said, my thanks to Wednesday gang that helped the “Signal group” who have put in a lot of time thinking through and beginning installation for the signal project.  This will give us an entirely new railroad to play with.  When Troy makes his next call for volunteers, I hope you will consider coming out.



 NEOLS 2015 Calendar

  January 1st– New Year’s Day Run 
  January 11th- Business Meeting 
  January 24th- Budget Meeting 
  February 8th -Business Meeting 
  March 8th- Business Meeting 
  April 12th- Business Meeting 
  May 2nd- Fun Run #1
  May 17th- Business Meeting 
  June 6th- Fun Run #2 
  June 14th-Business Meeting 
  June 20th- Public Run #1 
  June 24th- MCPD Annual Meeting 
  July 4th- Murray Party 
  July 10th,11th &12- Open Meet 
  August 1- Public Run#2 
  August 8th Kopchak Party
  August 9th-Business Meeting 
  August 15th- Fun Run #3 
  Sept. 11th,12th & 13th- Open Meet 
  Sept 19th- Public Run #3
  October 3rd- Fun Run #4 
  October 11th-Business Meeting 
  October 16th- Halloween Run#1 
  October 17th- Halloween Run #2 & 3 
  November 8th-Business Meeting
  December 13th-Xmas Party/Meeting